Tadaaa! And here it is: the new Waste App website. Here, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of information and resources around our popular Waste App.

Behind every smart product
is an even smarter team.

Who's responsible for the Waste App?

A company can only succeed through teamwork – and we celebrate successes every day. At Symvaro, we’re keen for our team to make full use of their amazing talents. Here, you can get to know the team behind the company – and whether you might like to become part of it. We look forward to every new addition to our family!

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Rudolf Ball

Rudolf is driven by the vision of changing the world with smart software.

Email: rudolf.ball@symvaro.com

Telephone: +43 66488502440

Philip Kozeny

Philip is the technical mastermind behind the solution that’s already loved by hundreds of thousands of residents.

Email: philip.kozeny@symvaro.com
Telephone: +43 66488502444

Clemens Safron
Innovation Manager

Clemens makes it possible for us to incorporate new innovations into the solution on an ongoing basis.

Email: clemens.safron@symvaro.com
Telephone: +43 6609326944

Vanessa Kruschitz
Customer Support

As our professional, friendly source of customer support, there’s no question Vanessa can’t answer.

Email: vanessa.kruschitz@symvaro.com
Telephone: +43 463 90 91 90

Markus Obmann-Krenn
Customer Success

Markus is our data wizard, helping local authorities and waste associations upload their data to the Waste Information Portal quickly and at a high level of quality.

Email: markus.obmann@symvaro.com

Telephone: +43 463 90 91 90

Michael Wirnsperger

Ewald is the ideal partner for local authorities and waste associations seeking to bring innovation to their residents.

Email: ewald.breidler@symvaro.com
Telephone: +43 6607139074

As our resident app master, Michael is responsible for ensuring that the app runs 100% smoothly on all operating systems.

Email: michael.wirnsperger@symvaro.com